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Polish-American Freedom Foundation Sektor 3.0 Award

The mission of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation Sektor 3.0 Award is to recognize organizations that effectively and skillfully utilize the possibilities of new technologies in their daily operations.


The aim of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation Sektor 3.0 Award is to promote and support exemplary practical applications of digital tools and new media in the activities of non-governmental organizations. The award provides financial support of 40,000 PLN for statutory activities and promotional initiatives on a national scale aimed at the third sector community.

Formal Conditions

The Award is granted by a Committee composed of experts, chaired by a representative of the PAFW. The criteria used by the Committee to evaluate applications include, among others, the scale and impact of activities using new technologies, experience and achievements in the field of creating, developing, adapting, or researching ICT solutions, as well as the practical benefits for non-governmental organizations resulting from the organization’s previous activities. The full information regarding the award criteria can be found in the Regulations.

years of awarding the Award
PLN - the Award amount awarded to the Laureate
Previous Laureates of the Award
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