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GET TO KNOW Sektor 3.0

Sektor 3.0 a program initiated by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, that supports digital transformation and the use of new technologies in socially useful activities. It’s being run by the Information Society Development Foundation.

What's our mission?

We believe that socially engaged individuals require diverse skills and digital tools. That’s why our goal is to provide high-quality, accessible knowledge about technologies to empower these individuals to act effectively and bring about positive social changes.

We have a special interest in areas such as: online communication, internet safety, artificial intelligence, digital well-being and hygiene, critical thinking, and information verification.

How do we operate?

For over a decade, we’ve been tracking trends, providing training, offering advice, organizing inspiring tech events, and investing in individuals who want to create new IT tools. Through our initiatives, we collaborate with representatives from technology companies (including startups), higher education institutions, social organizations, and the media. In 2018, we were recognized by the European Commission with the “European Digital Skills Award”!

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teams that took part in the incubation programme
Supporting Team
Editorial Team
We are open to different kinds of collaboration, including substantive, promotional and technological cooperation. It is an opportunity to display your product, service or project. We approach each cooperation opportunity individually - we will definitely find a common ground. Contact us!
We cooperated with:

dr Dawid Szarański

Program Director

Ph.D in management and quality science. Projects’ Director. Founder of the Sector 3.0 Program, distinguished by the European Commission. An expert in technological project management and digital transformation. Involved in the technology industry for 16 years. Has worked for innovation transfer centers and technology parks. Conducts lectures and trainings on digital transformation, technology management, and ICT competency development. Holds numerous industry certifications, including Agile PM, PSMI, Change Management, and ISO27001.

Paulina Cholewińska

Social Media Manager

She helps organizations create a better online presence, and a significant part of her work involves brand creation and communication on Instagram. She proudly supports #nonprofitPL in the digital sphere – collaboratively manages online communication for events such as Pol’and’Rock Festival and Festival Sektor 3.0, associated with the Communication Center of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation (WOŚP). She values an interdisciplinary approach to projects and strives for coherence and authenticity in communication. With passion, she follows advertising creativity and socially impactful endeavors.

Jakub Gruszecki


As the PMO in the Sektor 3.0 program team, he coordinates formal and administrative matters. He is also responsible for managing the virtual office for team members working in different parts of Poland. The skills acquired as a PMO are also applied in his role as an Event Manager for organizing the Festival Sektor 3.0, where he combines administrative aspects with technical issues.

Filip Jędruch

Project Manager, Editor

Radio journalist and specialist in communications and new technologies in NGOs. He is affiliated with the Sektor 3.0 Program (FRSI and PAFW), where he acts as a blog editor and interviewer for the Sektor 3.0 Podcast. Fan of storytelling, local culture animator.

Paweł Nowak

Sektor 3.0

Since 2008, Paweł Nowak has specialized in the analysis, specification, research and design of digital products and services, from small mobile applications to large-scale information systems. His services are used by start-ups, NGOs and mature companies from Poland, Western Europe and Scandinavia. Since 2016, he has been developing research and design activities under the “New” brand. Together with a team of experienced specialists in the fields of social research, product and service design, and information technology, he implements system and application projects, as well as, conducts usability studies and analyses of existing systems, with a view to their subsequent improvement. Originator and main coordinator of the WUD Silesia (World Usability Day Silesia) conference, which he has been creating since 2010.

Wiktoria Nycz

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager at Sektor 3.0. Previously Community & Marketing Manager at Wolves Summit, responsible for managing conference’s marketing communication and building engaged community around international conference for startups, investors and corporations focused on relevant netwoking. She gained experience in the communication industry by working in marketing departments, marketing and PR agencies, as well as through activities within non-governmental organizations. She has worked with brands such as Fundacja Peace Festival (Tauron Life Festival Oświęcim), Abyss Glass, Skydare, Grupa PGD (Ford), and Veo Worldwide Services Polska. A graduate of management and international economic relations at the University of Economics in Katowice and internet marketing at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

Marta Piechocka

Project Manager

Project manager with a background in sociology, specializing in projects with a social impact. My focus is on climate change, local communities, digital inclusion, and the application of technology for social good. Involved in developing a new approach to building climate resilience in local communities. She coordinates projects related to digital transformation and the implementation of tech for good ideas, such as “Kompetencje 3.0” and “Sektor 3.0.”. From 2013 to 2020, she collaborated with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, where she contributed to the strategy for promoting Polish design, architecture, and graphics internationally. She was responsible for developing international projects focused on urban space design. Her interests encompass designing sustainable urban spaces, placemaking, promoting walking and cycling mobility, stimulating the local economy through the creative industries sector, and raising climate change awareness through cultural activities within the city.

Monika Schmeichel-Zarzeczna

Training Program Manager

Trainer, educator, project coordinator. Training Program Manager in Sektor 3.0 and co-owner of Dobrze w Kulturze. She had worked for the Municipal Public Library in Lublin for 7 years. She pursues activities using new technologies in education, designs projects and supports the development of people from different age groups. She is a Vice-President of LABiB Association and an ambassador of EPALE, an e-platform for adult learning in Europe. She holds the 2020 Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in the category of cultural management and cultural staff development support. Three times distinguished by SPROUC with a place on the list of 100 people who have made a special contribution to the development of digital competences of Poles.

Michał Serwiński


Editor of the Sektor 3.0 blog. A journalist and culture expert by education, professionally associated with the third sector for 13 years. He gained his experience as the head of the Fundraising Department at the Anna Dymna’s “Mimo wszystko” Foundation (Despite Everything) and head of the regional office of the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH). Co-founder and member of the board of the Stowarzyszenie Urzą He cooperates with and advises social organizations.

Karolina Walecka

Project Manager

Coordinator of the Sektor 3.0 Fund, has been working in the third sector for 12 years. Since 2015, she has been working for the Sektor 3.0 programme and the Information Society Development Foundation (FRSI) where she successfully supports communities thanks to new technologies. She is also implementing a project in FRSI with the Good Things Foundation where she is working on a tool to study and improve digital skills of NGOs in Poland. She has gained experience implementing social projects in her hometown of Stoczek Łukowski where she has founded the Social Creativity Incubator association with her friends.

Joanna Wcisło

Project Manager

She oversees the substantive side of the Sektor 3.0 Festival and develops digital products. She is a sociologist by education, a specialist in media marketing and information architecture. She connects people and ideas. She believes that the most interesting things happen at the intersection. She is a fan of Kindle, podcasts, and the question “why?”

Katarzyna Drożdżal

Sektor 3.0

Researcher and designer. She manages the Selkie research agency, which she co-founded. She has been involved in research since 2007, and since 2014, she has focused on projects related to the creation and development of digital products. She co-organizes the international conference World Usability Day Silesia and is a lecturer in postgraduate studies in User Experience Design (SWPS University) and E-marketing (WSE / SWPS University). She is passionate about cyberpsychology, narrative psychology, personality psychology, and social psychology. In her research, she pays particular attention to areas related to the self-regulation processes of users of digital products.

Marcin Gołąbek

Internet Marketing Consultant. Certified specialist in strategy creation. Co-founder of the hello octopus agency. Values cooperation with social organizations and possesses extensive experience in this field. For over 10 years, he has been conducting training, providing advice, creating plans and strategies, as well as implementing marketing and advertising activities for clients from all sectors (startups, businesses, universities, social organizations). He has collaborated with major nationwide and regional organizations, including FRSI, Klon/Jawor Association, OPUS, Tesco Foundation, Polish Children and Youth Foundation, as well as small local organizations from all over Poland.

Agnieszka Góra-Reńska

Producer and event organizer, owner of Monomo event company. 

Agata Nowak

Sektor 3.0

Artist and user experience researcher. Trainer, lecturer, and expert in User Experience at the SWPS University in Katowice (UX Design program). Since 2011, she has been the artistic director and one of the main coordinators of the international educational event WUD Silesia. She graduated in psychology and interdisciplinary art studies from the Geneva School of Art and Design. She is a co-creator and leader of many participatory projects carried out in collaboration with non-governmental organizations in Silesia. She develops her design and artistic explorations by moving between speculative design methodologies, psychoanalysis, and the deep ecology movement. She pursues her sculptural and ceramic creativity under the name MORFIKA. @morfika_ceramika

Monika Podyma-Rabiega

A television reporter, publisher, radio, and television presenter, executive producer, and manager. She began her journey in journalism a decade ago. She worked as a television reporter, publisher, radio and television presenter, executive producer, and manager. She covered events such as the Olympic Games, the Smolensk Air Disaster, the European Parliament in Strasbourg and Brussels, the MTV Awards, and the Eurovision Song Contest multiple times. She also had her own TV program where she hosted prominent figures from political and cultural circles. For the past 7 years, she has been incorporating native advertising most effectively into her video projects and for over a year now, also into podcasts. She graduated from the Danish School of Journalism, the Łódź Film School, and also received training at the world’s first 24-hour TV station – CNN.

Katarzyna Słowik

UX Designer at Slowhop and UX & Service Designer at Design Provision. At the startup Slowhop, she’s responsible for product development and ensuring user experiences. At the boutique agency Design Provision, she creates innovative services and aids in understanding the potential of design in business. She completed postgraduate studies in Service Design at SWPS University. She is a co-founder of the Ladies that UX Warsaw community, uniting User Experience enthusiasts in Poland.

Marcin Wiśniewski

As the Executive Managing Director at IT4us, he supports IT and ICT systems throughout the entire foundation.

Paweł Wołochowicz

He initiated his first computer passions and later professional skills in 1995. Through countless hours of online and offline meetings, he has trained numerous individuals in areas such as security, system operations, graphics, website creation, and basic coding. He raises awareness among both older and younger generations, including non-technical individuals, about online threats and conveniences, considering new technologies. Since 2012, he has been continuously running his own business. Currently, his activity is focused on organizational security and enhancing and managing their CMS systems. Privately, he’s a blend of a geek and an art enthusiast.

Jacek Zamecki

Computer graphic designer and graduate of new media art. For 10 years, he has been working to ensure that the messages we encounter are both noble and readable. He has collaborated on many campaigns and social initiatives for the third sector as well as public institutions. In his free time, he takes a break from the screen and recharges his batteries in nature.

Sabina Dziuba

Marketer, social media enthusiast, has been collaborating with NGOs and commercial entities for years. Personally, a lover of reading books and a dietetics enthusiast.

Marzena Kacprowicz

With a background in social policy and a passion for promoting creative internet use, she works as a programmer during the day and supports social organizations in utilizing new technologies for social activities after hours. She has been involved with the NGO sector for over 10 years. She is the founder of – the first crowdsourcing platform for the third sector in Poland, and – a soft skills competency test. Until 2020, she was the coordinator of the E-volunteering Program at the Dobra Sieć Foundation and the portal. In her free time, she shares on how the Internet can make daily life easier.

Aga Kozak

Journalist (worked for years at Gazeta Wyborcza and, podcaster (co-hosts podcasts such as “Sharing is caring,” “Femitalk,” and “Intimate Podcast” – podcasts about a good, conscious life and the role of women in society), and finally, a trainer, coach, and lecturer.

Kinga Pańczyszyn-Liśkiewicz

A sociologist by education. For over 8 years, she has been involved in the third sector and previously in the research industry. She was the president of the BNP Paribas Foundation and a member of the Management Board of the Polish Donors Forum. Currently she is responsible for the acquisition of funds for the Projektor Program and co-operates with other organisations in the field of fundraising and business relations. A careful observer and a good organiser, she loves diagnosing, analysing and creating practical strategies. She runs a blog Czule czuję (I Feel the Tender Way)– a space dedicated to learning emotions and building tenderness for oneself and all important things.

Elżbieta Piech

A graduate in sociology and internet marketing, she worked as a PR specialist and content manager. Currently, she is a web developer and cannot imagine any other job that could provide so much satisfaction. After hours, she is involved in and Women in Technology Poland. In her free time, she works on the #dobratechnologia project, combining programming with marketing and social activities.

Mirella Panek-Owsiańska

For more than 20 years, she has worked at the intersection of the non-governmental, public, business and academic sectors. An expert in CSR, social communication and fundraising. Author of press articles, lecturer, mentor and trainer. One of the founders of the Kosmos dla Dziewczynek (Cosmos for Girls) Foundation, graduate and member of the Management Board of the School for Leaders, a long-term president of the Responsible Business Forum, former spokeswoman for Amnesty International. An initiator of many groups and projects for women. She loves new technologies.

Bartłomiej Polakowski

Bartłomiej Polakowski has been involved in the e-learning industry for more than 15 years. Leader of teams involved in implementing effective solutions in remote education, performance support, gamification, blended learning. Instructional Designer, consultant, lecturer and presenter in the field of new technologies and their application in education. At Amazon, he is responsible for the design and implementation of e-learning solutions and tools.

Małgorzata Rodak


For 10 years associated with the third sector as a volunteer and employee of foundations and associations. Her passion is everything related to the written word. She gained experience in a daily newspaper and online media. Today, it supports non-governmental organizations in areas such as communication, building relationships with donors and internet marketing.

Alicja Sadowska


A young filmmaker; she photographs, shoots film reports, and does graphic design. She works in the 3rd sector and creatively supports NGOs. At the TEAM Teatrikon Foundation, she works on national and international projects. She is currently studying design at the School of Form at SWPS University. Alicja Sadowska is a recipient of a scholarship from the Talent Association. She spends her free time traveling, dancing and cooking.

Klaudia Stano


Project manager, trainer and data analyst at the Katalyst Education Foundation, where she has been co-founding the Career Map and Pi-station since 2018. Author of the blog and the newsletter. She teaches analysts and professionals working with data (also in NGOs) how to create clear graphs that support communication and goal achievement. She dreams of developing the competences of data analysis and visualisation among employees of the third sector, so that this area is not reserved only for the largest institutions. Popularises data visualisation in Poland through projects such as Dear Data Poland, #52wykresy2022 and #datastories. Passionate about education, open resources and supporting young people in planning their educational and career paths.

Kamil Śliwowski


Digital skills trainer and online course author. He loves to learn by teaching others, researching and experimenting with digital tools to write his blog and newsletter ( He has been involved in the Creative Commons movement and organization both in Poland and internationally for over a decade. Currently working with NGO’s like Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Informacyjnego (the Information Society Development Foundation), Szkoła z Klasą (the School With Class) and Sektor 3.0.

Anna Wróblewska-Zawadzka

Anna helps develop digital skills, conducts trainings, and coordinates projects. She provides guidance on how to safely and effectively harness the potential of new technologies in education, culture, social organizations, and personal life. She conducts workshops in programs of Szkoła z Klasą Foundation ( the School With Class Foundation) and mentors in courses of Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej (the Center for Civic Education). She supports cultural professionals as part of “Konwersja cyfrowa domów kulturythe” (Digital transformation of community centers) project implemented by the National Center for Culture Poland. In her free time, she is involved in the Bydgoszcz Council for Equal Treatment and the Anti-Violence Women’s Network at the Feminoteka Foundation.