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We invest in a new products and digital tools that support social actions.

The Sektor 3.0 Fund supports the creation of new tools, applications, and products that align with the tech for good concept. As part of the incubation process, the creators will participate in a three-month cycle of training and product workshops to refine their ideas and develop a coherent concept. The top teams can receive up to 120,000 PLN funding for further development along with mentorship support.

*Available in Polish only.

Do you have an idea for a technological solution
that addresses social needs and challenges?

Are you representing a foundation or association
and working on a project with a team of 2-5 people?
Are you looking for the support of experts and mentors
who will verify your concept and help you refine your project or service to be ready for market launch?
WHY attend?
Expert guidance from experienced trainers
and mentors
Professional advice from experts in UX and IT
Funding of up to 120,000 PLN for project development
years of experience in conducting the incubation process
developed digital products
teams that took part in the incubation
8 X -3 XI 2023
Gather a team of 2 to 5 people, describe your project, and fill out the recruitment form! We will review your application and get back to you with feedback. The recruitment is open until November 3rd..
17 XI 2023 - 1 III 2024
Incubation process
Work on your solution under the guidance of specialists with experience in creating online products.
1 III 2024
Present your completed project to the panel of experts and convince them that your idea is worthy of recognition.
III - IX 2024
Project Implementation
Receive up to 100,000 PLN in funding for the implementation of your project and develop it with the support of mentors.
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The Sektor 3.0 Fund
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The Sektor 3.0 Fund is a part of the Sektor 3.0 program - an initiative of the Polish American Freedom Foundation. It’s implemented by the Information Society Development Foundation.

Paweł Nowak

Sektor 3.0

Since 2008, Paweł Nowak has specialized in the analysis, specification, research and design of digital products and services, from small mobile applications to large-scale information systems. His services are used by start-ups, NGOs and mature companies from Poland, Western Europe and Scandinavia. Since 2016, he has been developing research and design activities under the “New” brand. Together with a team of experienced specialists in the fields of social research, product and service design, and information technology, he implements system and application projects, as well as, conducts usability studies and analyses of existing systems, with a view to their subsequent improvement. Originator and main coordinator of the WUD Silesia (World Usability Day Silesia) conference, which he has been creating since 2010.

Katarzyna Drożdżal

Sektor 3.0

Researcher and designer. She manages the Selkie research agency, which she co-founded. She has been involved in research since 2007, and since 2014, she has focused on projects related to the creation and development of digital products. She co-organizes the international conference World Usability Day Silesia and is a lecturer in postgraduate studies in User Experience Design (SWPS University) and E-marketing (WSE / SWPS University). She is passionate about cyberpsychology, narrative psychology, personality psychology, and social psychology. In her research, she pays particular attention to areas related to the self-regulation processes of users of digital products.

Agata Nowak

Sektor 3.0

Artist and user experience researcher. Trainer, lecturer, and expert in User Experience at the SWPS University in Katowice (UX Design program). Since 2011, she has been the artistic director and one of the main coordinators of the international educational event WUD Silesia. She graduated in psychology and interdisciplinary art studies from the Geneva School of Art and Design. She is a co-creator and leader of many participatory projects carried out in collaboration with non-governmental organizations in Silesia. She develops her design and artistic explorations by moving between speculative design methodologies, psychoanalysis, and the deep ecology movement. She pursues her sculptural and ceramic creativity under the name MORFIKA. @morfika_ceramika

Bartosz Narzelski


As the Head of Product & Design, he develops projects at the venture builder Digital Ocean Ventures, working on concepts at the intersection of fintech, e-commerce, and even gaming. In addition to working with business teams, he trains students at SWPS / School of Ideas in team-based innovation methods.

Previously, he co-hosted regular Product Discovery Practitioner workshops on the method of research and experimentation for business ideas. For over 2.5 years, as a CX Manager, he developed products and services, testing new business models in a startup house for a pharmaceutical company. He has collaborated in numerous multidisciplinary teams, including advertising agencies, strategic boutiques, research and design studios, software houses, as well as in foundations and the public sector.

Privately, he’s a dad, a Lego enthusiast, and a fan of alternative forms of education.

Paulina Wójtowicz

Social Movers Hub

An entrepreneur and social innovator. For over 12 years, she has been successfully creating projects and launching positive impact startups. Her initiatives have earned her several awards, including the Magellan’s Laurel Award for entrepreneurial leadership of a foundation.

Two organizations she leads achieved million-dollar revenues in their 2nd and 3rd years of operation, all without relying on grants. This success is mainly attributed to her collaboration with businesses, as well as the implementation of innovations and online marketing mechanisms.

She believes that new technologies can help make the world a better place when used appropriately. That’s why she launched the Hearty Foundation in 2018, with a mission to educate the future generation and bridge the gap between children, youth, business people, and new technologies. In the same year, she established the Social Movers Hub – a place dedicated to supporting leaders in building profitable organizations and positive impact startups.

Adam Liwiński

In his daily life, in line with his education, he manages projects. For nearly a decade, he has been associated with TEDxWarsaw. It was through this event that he became attuned to the importance of interpersonal communication – both in the form of public speaking and in his everyday work. He willingly shares his own experiences, preparing speakers individually and through workshops. He has helped create pitches for participants of PwC Startup Collider, Startup Weekend Warsaw, and Warsaw Booster, among others.

Aleksandra Maciejewicz


A lawyer, patent attorney, and co-founder of the LAWMORE law firm, which has been supporting startups and investors since 2013. She specializes in intellectual property commercialization and legal services for innovative solutions, particularly in the fields of computer science and health care. She’s also a lecturer, mentor, author of the blog, and a future psychologist.

Marcin Trzeszczyński

Studio Head

A passionate advocate of great design, with extensive experience in graphic design, web design, and UX design. He has developed and designed digital products and e-commerce solutions for clients including Play, Orange, Neonet, Sygnity, Early Stage, and Santander Bank. He conducts training and workshops on UX design and Figma design for organizations such as SDA, Stacja.IT, Sages, and Sektor 3.0. Recently, in his free time, he has been designing a mobile application pro bono for the Santander Foundation and providing UX support to a MedTech startup. In his private life, he loves comics, bull terriers, good food, and is also a member of the Worst Movies in the World fan club.

Anna Bielak-Dworska
Stable Foundation

The founder of the Stajnia Foundation, an entrepreneur, designer, and educator. She is an expert at the Institute of Family Business in the areas of Sustainable Development and Regeneration. For over 10 years, she has been working at the intersection of the business, local government, and since 2017, the non-profit sector. Her interests and competencies revolve around thematic areas such as leadership and facilitation for sustainable development and regeneration, design thinking, service design, inclusive and participatory design, and building valuable communities.

She is a co-author and implementer of numerous development and educational programs, including “Academy of Social Leaders” and the revitalization laboratory “ReviLAB.” She is the author and content leader of the international conference and workshop on service design sprint “Co-design your P(a)lace” and the educational and project program for young professionals “Co-design Your Place” and “Summer Volunteer Programme.”

She is a mentor at The Industry Mentoring Program at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts in London, and WUD Silesia. She is also a co-author of publications such as “Co-design Your Place: How to use service design in regeneration” and “Design, research, and education in architecture, Vol. 5, New and renewed urban spaces.”

She is a graduate of Regenerators Academy and u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future program conducted by MIT.

Sławomir Molenda

A UX designer and researcher with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. A passionate enthusiast of neuroscience, philosophy, and ethical development of AI-powered tools. Currently, at Roche, he leads the UX team that supports the design of digital products in the Science & Research domain.

Anna Jadwiga Orzech
Láska nebeská

Engaged in promoting good ideas on the Internet. Communication strategist and trainer. Currently on parental leave from her position as Communication Director at the WOŚP Foundation. At the WOŚP Foundation, she was primarily responsible for online communication, online fundraising, and new technologies. #GirlBoss of the Láska nebeská agency, where she collaborates with numerous non-governmental organizations, providing advice and training in internet communication, employer branding in NGOs, and new technologies in HR activities. Together with her team, she has won following awards: PRoton award, 13 awards in Złote Spinacze competition, 3 Effie awards, and Golden Arrow distinction. A philosopher and sociologist by education and passion.

Mirosław Czyżewski

Polish-American Freedom Foundation

I feel most comfortable in conversations. Professionally, they primarily revolve around designing and implementing solutions that strengthen non-governmental organizations. I’ve been engaged in this field since 1999. I have organized training sessions for individuals active in the third sector and facilitated study visits for international partners interested in the experience of Polish organizations. I’ve had the privilege to support the Habitat for Humanity Poland Foundation, working to improve housing conditions for the less fortunate, and to collaborate on a team preparing individuals who have experienced psychological violence for employment. In 2008, I joined the team at the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, where, together with Foundation Partners, I am responsible for designing and monitoring educational programs aimed at local communities. Their professional preparation requires dialogue and the exchange of perspectives. It’s in these conversations that I find the most satisfaction.

Katarzyna Królak-Wyszyńska


An expert in identifying potential areas for development and translating them into effective businesses, products, and services, especially in the digital realm. Focuses on user-centered design and rapid concept validation. Co-author and organizer of the Future Makers Challenge program, connecting corporations with high school and college students. Co-owner of The Heart Warsaw. Co-author of the MIT EF accelerator program in Poland. Serves on the Jury of MIT Innovators Under 35 in Europe and South America. Mentors startups.

Innovatika exists to make people’s lives better, simpler, more opportunity-filled, and to encourage others to do the same. Through our passion for creating beautiful and useful products and services, we aim to solve real problems for people and companies and exceed the expectations of our audiences. We pursue this through two strategic directions. We organize, lead, and support incubators that harness the potential of employees and the startup ecosystem, leading to successful innovations. We facilitate the process, co-create solutions, and support implementation. We build companies tailored to the needs of large corporations. We rely on intelligence and speed in identifying market gaps, designing solutions, validation, and effective implementation. We scale new businesses.

Jacek Królikowski

Information Society Development Foundation

President of the Information Society Development Foundation (FRSI), specializes in training methodology and project management. Since 2008, he has managed training activities implemented by FRSI within the Library Development Program.He has experience working in public institutions (Central Teacher Training Center) and NGOs (Foundation in Support of Local Democracy). As an expert of the Council of Europe, he participated in programs implemented by the organization from 1995 to 2005, mainly in the Balkans. Since 2005, he has acted as an independent expert, providing services in the field of social analysis and research, project development, training and project management for companies, NGOs and public institutions. From 2006 to 2008, he managed major training projects implemented by UNDP and the Delegation of the European Commission for the civil service.

Bartosz Borowiec

Deloitte Digital

Senior Design Manager @ Deloitte Digital CE