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Sektor 3.0 Festival is going virtual this year – let’s meet ONLINE!

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Sektor 3.0 Festival has been continually growing and developing over the years. There are more and more participants taking part in festival presentations and workshops in Warsaw each year. We are particularly pleased that the number of online viewers keeps on growing as well. That’s why we decided to go a step further. Addressing the concerns for our common safety in connection with the Coronavirus epidemic, we invite you to this year’s edition of #sektor2020 “Driving Change” on a new date: September 16 which will take place ONLINE.

Only a few years ago, the virtual festival was unthinkable for us. Today, when technology allows us to connect and collaborate even more efficiently, changing the formula requires only a bold step forward. We decided to take it! We want to take advantage of the challenge all of us have faced in recent weeks and with the help of technology be even closer to you, providing you with access to knowledge, inspiration and contact networks from around the world.

In the ONLINE format, Sektor 3.0 Festival will:

PROVIDE ENOUGH SPACE FOR EVERYONE! The entire pool of tickets will not be given out within just half an hour after registration begins, as it did last year – you have our word!

BE EVERYWHERE! You will be able to join seminars, speeches, panel discussions with experts from Poland, USA, Singapore, Israel, Great Britain etc. from the farthest corners of Poland and the globe.

OFFER FLEXIBLE ACCESS to all presentations. You will be able to create your own individual program and you will gain access to a lot of knowledge and additional materials after the Festival.

OFFER NETWORKING 3.0. For two months we have been working on a new website and tool that will allow you to get to know and establish relationships with festival participants from Poland and abroad. As you can see, we took care of everything; the only thing you’ll have to make yourself is coffee! 😉

BE MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY AND ECONOMIC. Because online is right here, just around the corner.

The theme of the 10th edition of the Festival is “Driving change”. We will provide you with detailed information on the program and how to participate in the event soon. Save the date and join us on September 16, 2020. Let’s face the change together!