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Anna Wróblewska-Zawadzka

Anna helps develop digital skills, conducts trainings, and coordinates projects. She provides guidance on how to safely and effectively harness the potential of new technologies in education, culture, social organizations, and personal life. She conducts workshops in programs of Szkoła z Klasą Foundation ( the School With Class Foundation) and mentors in courses of Centrum […]

Lech Wikaryjczyk

Head of marketing at No Fluff Jobs, Europe’s largest job board with IT job ads and many more. He likes it when others go straight to the point, but is a storyteller himself. Professional keywords: marketing, HR, education. Personal keywords: husband-father, fiction, herpetology, typography, old Saabs, water, and forest. Trained as a sociologist, marketer, and […]

Robert Turski

Experienced educator of children, adolescents, teachers, parents and seniors in the field of ICT and STEAM (including augmented and virtual reality, digital cultural world, artificial intelligence). Specialist in preventive measures on contemporary threats to the development of children and adolescents. Co-founder of the Research and Development Center “Education 3.0” (research of new technologies in education, […]

dr Alek Tarkowski

Strategic Director at Open Future, PhD in Sociology from PAN. Co-founder of Creative Commons Poland (2005), founder of the Digital Center (2010). Co-chaired the review for the 10th anniversary of the Cape Town Open Education Declaration. One of the authors of the Open Policy Index. Contributed to the development of Member of the advisory […]

prof. UW dr hab. Katarzyna Śledziewska

A specialist in organizational change and digital innovation implementation. Director of DELab UW and a Professor at the Faculty of Economics UW. A certified NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, she holds IANLP and IN certifications, has completed MBA courses, certified courses in Transforming Communication, Fundamental Coaching Skills and Coaching Single Session Change. She focuses on […]

Olga Sztuba

Communications Manager at Google in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. With Google for almost 10 years. She gained professional experience in a Polish media startup in Spain, a network PR agency, and as the founder and CEO of a communication boutique. She gained life experience (always combined with professional experience) in Madrid, Barcelona, and […]

dr Dawid Szarański

Ph.D in management and quality science. Projects’ Director. Founder of the Sector 3.0 Program, distinguished by the European Commission. An expert in technological project management and digital transformation. Involved in the technology industry for 16 years. Has worked for innovation transfer centers and technology parks. Conducts lectures and trainings on digital transformation, technology management, and […]

Grażyna Szabuniewicz

Certified Cognitive Life & Business Coach, NLP Practitioner and Master , NLP Trainer, owner of mindShift point coaching company. She has extensive business experience with 25 years of practice in both large FMCG companies that are market leaders, as well as SMEs in managerial positions in sales and marketing areas. Her interests are closely combined […]

Tomasz Stawiszyński

Philosopher, essayist, author of the bestselling booka „Clashes with Freud. Myths, temptations and traps of psychotherapy (2013)”, „What to Do Before The End of The World” (2021), „Escape From Helplessness” (2021) as well as two collections of poems: „There is no such name” (1999) and „Dark Thing” (2002). For many year he’s been writing about […]

Joanna Sosnowska

Journalist and editor, associated with “Gazeta Wyborcza” and Currently, she leads the “Jutronauci” project as the managing editor. In a brief stint outside of the media, she worked at a startup that aimed to solve the problem of insomnia and nightmares.

Alex Sherwood

Alex is a Notion Certified Consultant, Ambassador and app developer. He has been an active member of the Notion community for more than 5 years, creating more than 50 templates and guides. He regularly works with NGOs to help them to improve their efficiency and provide resources for their teams.

Michał Serwiński

Editor of the Sektor 3.0 blog. A journalist and culture expert by education, professionally associated with the third sector for 13 years. He gained his experience as the head of the Fundraising Department at the Anna Dymna’s “Mimo wszystko” Foundation (Despite Everything) and head of the regional office of the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH). Co-founder […]

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