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Taking care of yourself and your organization is more than a trend – Sektor 3.0 Better Living Festival

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Crises create new challenges and accelerate many processes. In addition to the progressive digitization of services, which in 2020 turned out to be mandatory for everyone, care for well-being and the immediate environment has become a priority for many. Home, health and well-being are often more important today than professional success. How to take care of yourself and your team in times of hybrid reality? We will look for answers to these and other questions during this year’s Sektor 3.0 Festival. The event will take place online on May 19 under the slogan Better Living.

Festival Sektor 3.0 – join us!

The eleventh edition of the Sektor 3.0 Festival is just around the corner. As part of three thematic paths: Live well, Work smarter and Develop better, we will invite you to participate free of charge in practical lectures, discussion sessions and online networking. Each participant and participant will have the opportunity to ask live questions to selected speakers in Ask Me Anything sessions and talk in digital lobbies in a dedicated Facebook group. The Festival will also be an opportunity to contact the largest companies from the IT industry, such as Microsoft and Google, and you will find recordings of all presentations after the event at Sektor 3.0 VOD. Join us today and develop your digital competences necessary in the new everyday life.

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Better Living – three perspectives

Since last year, we have been thinking more often about whether we implement the values that are important to us at work, and whether we can combine work tasks with taking care of ourselves. Simply increasing efficiency and satisfaction ceased to be the most important goal for employers, employees, informed consumers and citizens alike. Instead, we want to take better care of our well-being and our surroundings, both at home and in the workplace. This accelerates the modernization of office operations with the comfort and safety of employees in mind, as well as improving work organization in a more flexible and inclusive manner. Also, perhaps most importantly, it makes us try to truly balance work with personal life.


Although these are not new needs, the pandemic has made us want to meet them better: from private life closer to family and nature, through working in hybrid or remote models, to the quality of digital services, which are no longer a convenient alternative, and often became a necessity (such as telemedicine, remote education or take-away shopping and delivery).

How will the current situation affect the social values that will guide us in the coming?

At Sektor 3.0, we believe that greater responsibility for common safety and health, but also for a sense of meaning at work, is not a temporary trend. This is a very important direction for social organizations, media and companies. 

To understand these changes and take a closer look at them, we invited the best experts and experts from around the world, and we designed our meeting around three thematic paths: Live well, Work smarter and Develop better.

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Live well

The limitation brought about by the pandemic has inspired many people to start taking better care of themselves and their surroundings. We invite you to learn how to take care of your physical health in the digital world, and build immunity and healthy habits. We will talk about our individual and collective well-being and practice it live. You will learn how to create applications that help to maintain mental health, and how to create healthy information and… nutritional diets that will support you during prolonged work in front of the computer.

Work smarter

We will look at how the use of technology affects the effectiveness and satisfaction in remote work conditions. We will show examples and ways of action that can also help your organization and team use hybrid reality for your success. Although there is no one right solution for all organizations and companies, we can choose from already tested ways to deal with change. If you want to learn how to better manage and motivate a team, how to organize the work environment and thanks to automation, gain more time to build strong relationships through automation, choose the Work smarter path.

Develop better

Together with experts, we will focus on how to re-approach building modern services and implemented processes. We will also talk about how to support the idea of sustainable development and work-life balance when designing? When the work-life-balance was tested in 2020 for resistance to change and uncertainty, many companies and organizations rose to the occasion and quickly adapted to act for the common good. We will check what we can save from this lesson for longer.

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Auckland Institute of Studies, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and the University of Warsaw – meet our experts

We all use new technologies and innovations faster and faster. Therefore, during the Festival, we want to talk about them with a diverse group of experts, creators and observers. As every year, we invited Polish and world scientists to take part in the speeches. Dr. Lehan Stemmet from New Zealand will talk about what is stress and how to build resistance to it in times of intense changes, such as those caused by a pandemic.

Lindsy Szilvasi, who was involved in supporting innovation at Google and the Dutch Ministry of Defense (among others), will tackle the topic of creative spaces and creativity in the times of hybrid and remote work. Amanda Southworth, who created her first app as a teenager, will show you how you can support mental health using smartphones.

As every year, there will also be representatives of business and the media. The brothers Tomasz and Marek Sekielski will present their way to creating new media formats on the web. Jarosław Kuźniar and Mariusz Szczygieł will talk about the tools we use every day to obtain information and participate in social life, as well as the trends that change them. If you want to hear about how Instagram has become an everyday newspaper and how podcasts and audio applications are changing the way of creating and sharing information today, join us on May 19.

We invited experts in technology development, psychologists, educators and journalists to participate in the Sektor 3.0 Festival. The whole group of speakers from Poland, the USA, New Zealand and Israel will talk about how technology can support us in shaping a better life, especially in the context of a new, fluid reality.

– says Dawid Szarański, director of the Sektor 3.0 program.

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Sektor 3.0 Festival – the good side of the web

The Sektor 3.0 Festival is the largest event in Central and Eastern Europe that shows how to translate technological trends into the language of socially useful activities. Every year, almost a thousand people participate in it. They have one thing in common: a passion for discovering new technologies and sharing knowledge with others. Among them are international experts from countries like the USA, Singapore, Great Britain or Israel, but we also have a large group of Polish representatives of social organizations, universities, startups, technology companies, media and public administration.

Last year’s edition of the Festival, along with its slogan Driving Change, entered the difficult reality of the beginnings of the pandemic. For our first major anniversary, the event we had been organizing mainly offline was completely transferred to the virtual world. This year we are going one step further. During one of the most important days of the year for Sektor 3.0, we will jointly develop competences related to new technologies, but also learn a sensitive and responsible approach to cooperation on the Internet. How to critically approach the next technological solution, screen, application or process during an event that out of necessity takes place online? We will try to face this challenge.

But that’s not it! During the Festival, we will meet the winner of the Sektor 3.0 Polish-American Freedom Foundation Award. The award was created to recognize organizations that can effectively use the opportunities created by the dynamic development of information and communication technologies and the universal availability of the Internet.

The recent months have become (or should have become) an impulse for the organization to take new actions and accelerate the processes related to digital transformation. During the festival, for almost a decade, we have been distinguishing and rewarding social organizations that are characterized not only by the efficiency of operation and the ability to use the opportunities offered by new technologies, but also the ability to quickly adapt to a changing environment.

– says the PAFF Program Director, Radosław Jasiński.

#sektor2021 – see you there!

Our Festival is not only a dose of practical knowledge in the field of using ICT tools, but also a space for meetings and exchange of experiences for an extraordinary community that creates solutions that are socially useful. On May 19, we will once again transfer its creative and open atmosphere to the Internet. We are sure that it will only be possible with your help! See you soon!

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